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4.25" Performance Fin - FCS (Left, Right or Center) Fun Shape Nose Guard Kit (Assorted Colors)
Our Price: $28.00
Our Price: $19.00

4.0" Performance Single Replacement Fin - FCS Fun Shape Nose Guard Kit
Single Performance Pro Teck replacement fin for the FCS fin system.

Performance Fins have a rigid core that creates good drive and projection off bottom turns and cutbacks. The combination of the flexible edges and rigid core will help to make your board ride smoother, faster, and easier to turn. This will allow you to surf better, reduce fin injuries, and add more fun to the sport of surfing!
Easy to apply peel, stick, surf!!!  Designed to fit fun shapes, mini tanks and hybrid longboards.  Available in clear, white, red solid, black,  red tint, blue tint, and smoke.
Tail Guard Kit (Black, White or Clear) Power Flex Fin Thruster Set - FCS
Our Price: $13.00

Our Price: $84.00
Tail Guard Kit Power Flex Thurster Set - FCS
Easy to apply peel, stick and surf!  Designed to protect the tail of your surfboard from dings and will not affect board performance!  It will fit most shortboards, longboards, squash, round, pin, diamond, and swallow tails. Power Flex is a Pro Teck Fin with a medium core flex. The smoke colored edge fin bends on turns, and then springs back, creating forward thrust similar to a swim fin. The medium flex core and flexible trailing edge makes the board turn smooth and fluid, with continuous speed. Power Flex Fins are recommended for intermediate to professional surfers.

Available in Future and FCS fin systems.
4.50" Super Flex Fin Thruster Set - FCS Snowboard Nose Guard Kit (Assorted Colors)
Our Price: $84.00
Our Price: $20.00

4.50" Super Flex Thurster Set Snowboard Nose Guard Kit
Super Flex Fins are Pro Teck Fins with a soft flexible core and soft edges, making it the ultimate safety fin for river, shallow water paddling, and beginners. The Snowboard Nose Guard is designed to protect the nose and tail of your snowboard from chips, dents, delaminations, and will not affect board performance. The Nose Guard is made of an extremely strong, abrasive, cut resistant and shock-absorbing material. A special heavy duty 3-M adhesive has been developed to adhere the Nose Guard to the snowboard.

This kit comes with one (1) guard for either the nose or tail. To protect both the nose and tail, purchase the Snowboard Nose Guard Twin Kit and save!
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